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Quality & Environmental Policy

We at AETHER AERONAUTICS perform the following business activities:
   • Design of light aircrafts, unmanned aircrafts and targets drones
   • Construction of light aircrafts, unmanned aircrafts and flying targets
   • Manned and unmanned flight tests
   • Provision of services with manned and unmanned aircrafts
   • Maintenance and repair services for manned and unmanned aircrafts
   • Technical Consulting Services
Guided by the best customer service and the top quality of its products, the
company seeks to establish itself in the top of the field. Satisfaction of the
requirements of all Stakeholders is a key principle of our operation, while at the
same time it is a primary commitment of the Management to meet the applicable
requirements and identify the environmental aspects of the companys activities.
We will achieve our goals through:
   • The definition of objectively achievable goals and their monitoring by the
      Management in the reviews of the management system.
   • The regular and uninterrupted monitoring of critical parameters of our
      processes in order to ensure the quality of our products and services, as well
      as the identification of the environmental aspects and impacts of our
   • The absolute compliance with Legislative and Regulatory requirements.
   • The availability of all necessary resources to ensure the smooth, efficient,
      and effective operation of the company.
   • Maintaining a technologically modern and professionally suitable working
   • The encouragement for continuous improvement of our suppliers and
      partners, but also training of our staff.
   • The continuous effort to improve the level of Quality, and Environmental
      performance through an integrated Management System implemented by the
      company in accordance with the Standards ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:

The Management of the company is committed to the ongoing review, evaluation
and improvement of this Policy and the Quality and Environmental Management
System that it implements, always aiming at the satisfaction of its customers, the
optimization of its environmental performance and the protection of the
Chania, 23 September 2020
Signed: The Management

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